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Cover for Botdoc 4 Reasons Your Digital Transformation Could Fail
Cover for How User Friendly is Your Digital Solution
Cover for How User Friendly is Your Digital Solution


Botdoc Featured in Forbes

Botdoc was featured in a recent Forbes article, Community Banks Met the Challenge of the SBA’s PPP Funding, highlighting how the Botdoc solution streamlines the real-time remote collection and sending of needed documents.

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I'm So Tired of False Cyber Security

Did you know hackers can sniff emails in transit, change attachments – things like wiring instructions – so when the company receives it no one would know any different? It happens all the time.

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Secure Digital Transportation as a Service

Secure Digital Transport is the concept that a third party can transport (send) digital items over a medium from one location to the next, and do this as a service for others.

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Sharing Versus Sending...a Difference?

Botdoc is using a sending technology to solve a sending problem. That’s why Botdoc rocks and is the future of secure digital transportation.

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