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10 September 2018, Toyota Financial Services held an innovation day.  9 companies were identified from over 100’s.  companies from Startups to publicly traded companies were on show.  These 9 companies were introduced by the sponsoring division at TFS and presented to over 200 Toyota professionals.  This included key executives like the CEO and CIO.

Botdoc was honored to be selected as one of those 9 companies.  Toyota’s retail transformation team and executives what the future of their consumer experience will be like.

“The ability to transport documents and data in and out of a system without imposing logins on consumers is a powerful capability”, says Botdoc CEO Karl Falk; “We were so impressed with Toyota’s Retail Transformation Team, for being forward leaning and innovative.  To see the future and brave enough to make changes and go after the vision.”


Toyota Financial Services is the global leader for car lending with approximately 5.4 Million customers and a global network that covers 90% of the markets in which Toyota sells vehicles.


Botdoc is transforming the movement of data by pioneering a new vertical called Secure Digital Transport as a Services (SDTaaS).  With patent pending software

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