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Hello Developers!

This tutorial is in order to get you started with making some requests without writing your code and feel how the API works.

I assume you already created your App and got your API_KEY

If you do not have the API_KEY yet, please go to  http://botdoc.io/developer-blog/tutorial/tutorial-authentication-botdoc-api and do just the first step.

So let’s get started.

1. The first thing you need to do is access the API through your browser and get a token:

So, please go to sandboxapp.botdoc.io

There you click to list  the Auth Operations and click to open the /auth/get_token endpoint.

Then you are going to enter your email and your API_KEY and hit TRY IT OUT button.

If you entered the correct email and API_KEY, you will receive a temporary token:


2. Authenticate the token to start making requests:

On this right top corner page you will find an Authorize button

It will open a pop up. Put your token there and hit Authorize.

To make sure the token is there. Open this pop up again and you will be able to see the token.

3. Now you are authenticated and can start making requests:

You can play with the endpoints as you please, understand how it works.


For more details about the API you can take a look at our BotDoc API Reference on api.botdoc.io/documentation


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